Resources for Analysis and Interpretation:

Auf Deutsch:

Michael Katz -- Gedichtinterpretation:
Exzellente Webseite mit Informationen über Arbeitsverfahren für eine Gedichtinterpretation, einem Index von Begriffen zur Beschreibung von Gedichten, Infos über Gliederung und Aufbau von Gedichten, Metrum, Versformen, und vielen anschaulichen Beispielen und downloadable pdf.Dateien.  A+

Courtesy  of Mr. Katz, these excellent pages are now housed within the GERMAN POETRY pages -- we really appreciate your generosity in sharing these resources with the rest of the world.

Wikipedia -- Verslehre:
Die freie Enzyklopädie und ihre Einträge zu Versmass, Verslehre, Strophen und Gedichtformen, mit einer Reihe weiterführender Links. 

Wikipedia -- Lyrik
Informationen zur Gattungsgeschichte, wichtigen deutschsprachigen Dichtern, Kriterien der sprachlichen Form,  Formen der Lyrik  Weblinks zu weiterführender Literatur

In English:

Poetry Magic -- What is Poetry?
Poetry Magic is a resource centre for the theory and craft of writing poetry.  What is poetry? How does it differ from prose? What makes poetry special, and why is it so difficult to write? This site provides some clues to these and other vexing questions...

Wikipedia -- Poetry
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, entries on the nature of poetry, sound in poetry, poetry and form, poetry and rhetoric, the history of poetry, terms and verse forms, periods, styles, movements, and more!

Gale Research -- Poetry
The free online Gale Glossary of Literary Terms. 
Also from Gale, Poet's Corner,  a free resource site featuring a collection of activities and information to complement classroom topics, including 

* Biographies of renowned poets
* A quiz based on these poets and their works
* A timeline of events that traces the poetry movement
* A variety of poems and the concepts behind them

Virtual Salt -- A glossary of literary terms
Short, concise, and useful definitions of literary terms. Also recommended: A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices by the same author, Robert A. Harris.  Includes a self-test.

Ted Nellen -- Literary Terms and  Dictionary of Literary Terms
Two glossaries, the first one includes a link to a fine Poetry Lesson with comparative exercises, examples of concrete and traditional poetry, word art, and a plethora of links to related sites.